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Cashrichmoney changes website design to fit as a web hosting Review website

Through several esthetic website interface changes, Cashrichmoney has had difficulty finding a fitting design worthy of a web hosting review website which appeals to web hosting informational searchers.

Cashrichmoney changes website design to fit as a web hosting Review website

CRM’s last page design consisted of a black and white page, full of mundane content, and was extremely unpleasant to scroll. Clearly the website maintenance is at a high level, a source inside the company stated they took an in-depth look at their visitor bounce-rate, and incoming traffic flow daily chart and decided it was time to make a change.

Web hosting’s fast paced industry it is hard not to appear as a seller of web hosting. It is true many review hosting sites are indeed sellers, but many are still comprised of sites which have studied individual companies, their prices in comparison with benefits and packages, customer complaints, and accolades and awards. Cashrichmoney has shown they are truly dedicated to bringing people a web hosting review site. Their last site appeared to be a seller, and the new design is now more customer focused, comparing packages and companies in an easy to see vertical pattern.

Cashrichmoney has also expressed how this new page is going to expand their empire with more pages displaying customer’s feedback, insightful reviews and complaints, and the awards each company has received. The company has also promised to unveil a new top choice monthly based on all the intangible factors needed to crown the king of web hosting.

All in all this seems to be a successful formula, customers are seeking reviews, as an online transactional buyer it’s hard to pay high prices and trust companies in a virtual world, rather than in a physical sense. Review companies are a huge middleman in putting emphasis on trust between customers, and web hosting companies by introducing customer feedback from previous buyers. Check out Cashrichmoney’s new design, and decide for yourself if it is a fitting one for web hosting reviews.


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