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Basic Website Design Service

Updated: Feb 15

There are many people who are interested in having an internet presence, however are looking for a just a cheap basic website. This article describes how to find a very cheap web design company.

Basic Website Design Service

Website design services

There are many people and companies offering a web design service. It should therefore be quite simple to find a very good deal. There is a market for a basic web design service and in my opinion you should be able to obtain a website for under a £100. Please feel free to contact me if you are unable to.

Great deals in website designs

There are various times of the year when web design companies are likely to offer some great deals. This is normally in the summer or at Christmas time.

Companies who are just setting out in offering a web design service will often offer very reasonable rates at the outset, basically to build up a portfolio. Once they have established themselves they then tend to increase the amount they charge. Therefore you need to get in quick while they offer a professional service for a very small fee.

A number of years ago, I even heard about one person who for a very short period of time was building websites for free! This is an extreme case though.

A former workmate of mine called Peter was looking to have an internet presence for his small business a couple of years ago. He did not have a huge budget, however was looking for a person or company to create him a professional looking website which would be search engine friendly at an affordable price.

He tried looking in many areas including yellow pages, eBay, bargain pages and also by asking his friends, to see if they knew of anybody.

He also searched in various search engines for the search term, very cheap website design service. There were many different websites listed, after a few phone calls, he managed to find a very good deal.

There are plenty of people offering quality website design services, who do not charge huge fees, just keep looking and you are sure to find them.

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