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Take Your Social Media Management to the Next Level

Get fired up about your social media profiles with next-generation social media management from the Social Media Marketing Agency

Let’s Get Social

Our team will work with you to establish your brand on social media with research based strategies and thumb-stopping social media content that will keep your brand on trend.

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Countdown to Social Media Success

Our team is fully committed to ensuring your success, starting with an initial kickoff call and continuing through the launch of your first social media posts. We provide weekly/bi-weekly reporting calls and regular check-ins to keep you informed and on track. We take responsibility for the outcome of our clients and you can expect a steady flow of positive results

Our Process


Everything is Data-Driven

We rely on data-driven social media strategies to inform every decision. We leave testing and experimentation to our research teams, ensuring that every move is calculated and sound.


We Work With You & For You

At STC, we put client goals first and foremost. We partner with you to develop content that reflects your brand identity, message and values. Our team of writers, editors, strategists and producers work together to create powerful and engaging content.


Clear & Concise Reporting

We believe in full transparency and understand the importance of keeping you informed on the progress of your campaign, that’s why we provide you with easy access to reporting dashboards and sheets so you can track it in real-time, this way you’ll never have to wonder how your campaign is doing.

The Importance of Social Media Management

More than half of consumers* turn to social media to learn about new brands, making social media management an essential component of a successful business’s marketing strategy.

At STC, we view social media management as the backbone of our approach, with data that supports our strategy. That’s why we strive for excellence in every aspect of our clients’ campaigns.

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Five Elements of Successful Social Media Management


Creating a tailored, results-oriented strategy


Regularly distributing scroll-stopping content across social platforms


Monitoring conversations around the brand on social media


Engaging with the brand’s community on social media


Monitoring performance before, during and post-campaign


Social Media

Our services

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