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Grow Your Social Media with Experienced and Efficient Data Analysis and ROI Modeling

Social media is an incredibly powerful creative tool for growing brand awareness and sales online. And in an increasingly competitive and digital era, it’s not something you want to shy away from taking advantage of right away.

Challenge To Analyze

It can be challenging to analyze data and track ROI on social media because, unlike traditional marketing, where you can see money turn into more money without too much back and forth, there’s more to it on social media.

Sometimes you’re paying for eyes on your services or products, and other times you’re paying for community management or clicks to generate interest.

When it comes to tricky ROI tracking, you don’t want anyone but results-oriented professionals on your side

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Data Analysis and ROI Modeling Go Hand-in-Hand

You can’t have one without the other!

And that’s why we’ve made it our mission at Sociallyin to produce concise, easy-to-understand results slide decks that give you a clear picture of what’s happening on your social media channels, the results of our efforts and what the future looks like for the success of your growing brand.

Trusted, Dependable and Authoritative Data
Analysis and ROI Modeling

With decades of experience in the realm of social media data modeling, Sociallyin has worked with some of the world’s largest brands, including Carnival Cruise Lines and Samsung Electronics America to deliver accurate and concise ROI modeling and regular data analysis to make the most of a company’s budget for the best possible results.

Your brand deserves more. And we’re here to give it to you with accurate, dependable, and trustworthy modeling and analysis from our team of social media strategists, creatives and project managers.

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What We Do


Goal Driven Strategy

Our goal-driven strategy combines social media data analysis and ROI modeling to optimize campaign performance and deliver value to customers.

We analyze audience behavior and engagement and use ROI modeling to measure campaign effectiveness, helping customers reach their marketing goals.


Daily and weekly monitoring

We provide weekly or bi-weekly reporting calls for all of our partners. Our team is also monitoring your profiles and data daily.


Let the data speak

With our data driven mindset will collect the right data, process it intelligently to gather insights that lead to decisive action.


Data driven creative production

As we plan our future content, we will take into account the insights we have gathered to generate innovative ideas for various social media posts.

The Results are IN and There’s Never Been a Better Time to Get Help for Bigger, Better Data Analysis and ROI modeling.

Data analysis is an important tool for all businesses, large and small. By understanding what data is necessary and important, businesses can better target their customers and create successful campaigns without throwing thousands of dollars down the drain.

Sociallyin not only has the experience and expertise to help your business make the most of its data and analytics with in-depth social media strategies and plans, but the tools and creative genius you need to put those plans into action.

So what are you waiting for?

Let’s get in touch, get social and let the social media magic begin!

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Our services

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