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In our digital age, English has emerged as a predominant language of communication, be it in academic arenas, professional sectors, or daily interactions. This online course on English grammar is not just about learning the rules; it's about understanding the language's intricacies to communicate effectively, ensuring your messages are both clear and impactful

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English Tutor


  • Common Nouns

  • Proper Nouns

  • Singular Nouns

  • Plural Nouns

  • Possessive Nouns

  • Abstract Nouns

  • Collective Nouns

  • Compound Nouns

  • Who is my Tutor?
    Vandana Charles an accomplished English educator, brings over 7 years of invaluable teaching experience in prestigious educational institutions such as Sindhi Model, FIITJEE School, and Rish International. Her expertise extends to handling both CBSE and ICSE curriculums, thereby equipping her with a versatile understanding of diverse educational frameworks. A distinguished member of Toastmaster International, Vandana exemplifies a commitment to fostering effective communication skills among her students. Her dedication to nurturing a strong foundation in English fundamentals reflects her profound passion for empowering young minds. With her guidance, students develop not only linguistic prowess but also the confidence to articulate themselves fluently and coherently, thereby setting a strong foundation for their future endeavors.
  • What does this course offer?
    Designed with clarity and comprehensiveness in mind, this course spans 15 lessons that delve deep into both the fundamental and intricate aspects of English grammar. Each lesson is structured to address specific grammar components, from the basics like nouns and pronouns to the complex mechanics of sentence structures.
  • Is this a grammar course?
    Absolutely not! Hands-on activities, worksheets, assignments, and surveys accompanying each lesson ensure not only theoretical understanding but also practical application, reinforcing your learning
  • How to enroll for this course?
    Here's a step-by-step guide on how to enroll for this course: Tap the "enroll now" button to initiate the enrollment process. You will be directed to a payment section where you can complete the necessary transaction. Provide all required details, including your name, email, and phone number for future communication purposes. Following the payment, you will receive an acknowledgment along with a unique enrollment number for your reference. Look out for an email containing comprehensive information about your class, including the meeting link and the scheduled timings. Classes will be held in the evenings, with different batches running for 60 minutes each, starting from 4 pm to 8 pm. You have the flexibility to select the batch timing that best suits your convenience.
  • Why is Grammar Essential Today?
    In a recent survey, it was found that over 70% of employers notice grammatical mistakes in emails, reports, or other professional correspondence, leading them to question the writer's credibility. In daily life, proper grammar ensures that our intended messages get across without confusion. A simple misplaced comma can change the meaning of a sentence completely. For example, "Let's eat, Grandma" and "Let's eat Grandma" carry vastly different implications!
  • What will I learn from this course?
    Through this course, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of English basics, including nuances of grammar, fundamental language principles, and sentence structure. Engaging in numerous exercises, you will strengthen your grasp of grammar, thereby cultivating a solid foundation for proficient English communication.
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